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After retirement and knee surgery, cricket legend MS Dhoni releases a massive teaser video for his return to the IPL in 2024.

LEGENDARY Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has dropped a massive hint he could return for IPL 2024.

Speaking at an event in Bengaluru, the former Indian skipper gave an update on his knee injury and indicated he may continue playing for CSK.

Legendary Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has dropped a major teaser for IPL 2024

The former Indian skipper had earlier expressed his intention to continue playing for CSK in the international cricket league

During the event, an interviewer began his question by addressing Dhoni as a “retired cricketer”.

Dhoni quickly interrupted and quipped: “I am retired only from International cricket.”

Indian cricket fans – who regard him as the best captain and finisher – were quick enough to see through Dhoni’s response as a major sign of his participation in the league next year.

Dhoni’s massive hint was accompanied by a significant update on his recent knee injury.

The CSK skipper, who led his team to a title triumph in IPL 2023, was grappled with a nagging knee during the tournament.

Following his fifth win in the history of the international league, Dhoni underwent knee surgery in hopes of getting better at batting.

He has now disclosed there were no complications involved – and that he is on a path to a healthy recovery.

The captain cool said: “My knee has survived the operation, going through the rehab phase.

“The doctor told me you would feel much better by November this year.”

Dhoni had previously expressed his intention to continue playing for CSK in the 2024 league.

Following CSK’s victory against Gujrat Titans in the finale, he said: “Circumstantially, it’s the best time to announce retirement.

“The easy thing for me is to say thank you and retire.

“But the amount of love I have received from fans – it would be a gift for them to (see me) play one more season.”

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