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Hugh Edmeades, an IPL auctioneer, faints in shocking scenes on television. Brit, however, is said to be stable in hospital.

Hugh Edmeades, the IPL auctioneer, fainted while performing worrying scenes.

Edmeades was in charge of the high-profile auction of cricket in Bengaluru. It was broadcast live on TV.

Hugh Edmeades fell to the ground during the IPL auction

The 62-year old suddenly fell from the stage and was found lying on the ground. Fortunately, people were quick to help him at the hotel that was hosting the auction.

According to reports, the British auctioneer who conducted the event from 2018 had low blood pressure.

He is now said to be stable after being admitted to the hospital. Further reports indicate that he is fine.

A spokesperson for BCCI stated that the auctioneer was stable. He is being attended to by the medical personnel. He is expected to be back for the next set.

Edmeades was even suggested to return to the ceremony to fulfill his duties.

The IPL however appointed Charu Sharma, a broadcaster, as the new auctioneer for today's remainder of the day.

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