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As Shane Warne's family prepares to fly his body home for a state funeral in Australia, Shane Warne's autopsy is completed on the Thai mainland

The autopsy of Shane Warne, Australian cricket star, has been completed in a Thailand hospital. His family is now preparing to fly his body home for an Australian state funeral.

His business manager on Friday, Koh Samui, found Warne, 52 years old, in his bedroom at 5pm.

Shane Warne was taken by ambulance to a hospital on the mainland Thailand
A ferry carrying Warne's body is seen leaving a pier in Surat Thani
Shane Warne's body was taken to Suratthani Hospital, Koh Samui, for an autopsy.

After paramedics failed to revive the cricket legend, he was declared dead of a heart attack.

As the ferry made its 90-minute journey to the mainland, friends and Australian officials joined the ambulance that carried his body.

Suratthani Hospital was notified and he was taken to the hospital. There, doctors performed a post-mortem to determine the cause of his death.

Warne's family hopes that the father-of-three will soon be able to return his body.

They accepted an offer to have a state funeral at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Warne’s home ground, as it was the "most fitting" location.

Dan Andrews, Victorian Premier, stated that it would be an opportunity for Victorians "to pay tribute to him for his sport, our state and the nation."

Today Warne's tailor said to SE that Warne was "full" after arriving for a five day beach vacation in a villa on the coast of Australia. This came following his stint as a commentator on Australian cricket.

Warne was "buzzing in excitement" when he died during a Thailand trip. He had also eaten a Vegemite sandwich hours before.

His death is not being considered suspicious.

Shane Warne's son, a cricket legend in Australia, still "expects" him to "walk in the door."

James Erskine, Warne's longtime manager, says that the entire family is devastated after the death of the icon due to a heart attack.


Erskine stated that Warne's exwife Simone, along with their three children Brooke, Brooke, and Summer, were still struggling to accept the loss.

Weekend Today spoke with Erskine, who said that the children were in shock. I spoke with them yesterday and again.

Jackson said that he expected him to enter the door. This is like a bad nightmare.

Simone was upset when I spoke to her. Keith, Shane’s father, is a strong person, but he's just broken like everyone else. They are shocked at what has happened.

"I believe that's what happens if you have a sudden, unexpected death and you don't expect it."

Shane Warne was "buzzing with excitement" before he died during a Thailand trip -- and ate Vegemite sandwiches just hours prior
Legend Warne won 708 wickets in the 145 Tests he played over 15 years
At the Samujana Villas, where Warne passed away
, a wreath, flowers, and beers was left.
People pay respects to the statue of cricket great Warne at the Melbourne Cricket Ground