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Ben Stokes demands a change in cricket rules as England fans criticize the Indian wicket decision

ENGLAND captain Ben Stokes has called for a change to DRS rules in Test cricket.

Zak Crawley was dismissed following a bizarre LBW call during England’s third Test against India, leaving Stokes and co. baffled.

Ben Stokes was left baffled by a DRS decision

The DRS (decision review system) technology appeared to show the ball missing the stumps.

However, Crawley had to walk following an “umpire’s call” before England slumped to a 434 defeat.

Discussing the incident, Stokes told talkSPORT: “It was just about Zak’s DRS and he was just giving us some information about how it was judged to be given out when the ball wasn’t hitting the stump on the replay.

“The numbers said it was hitting the stump, but the image said it was wrong.”

He continued: “I think you just want some kind of level playing field, I guess.

“I think the umpires have an incredibly hard job as it is, especially out in India when the ball’s spinning and bouncing, and sometimes not.

“My personal opinion is that if the ball’s hitting the stumps, the ball’s hitting the stumps. I think that should take away the umpire’s call if I’m being perfectly honest.

“I don’t want to get too much into it because then it sounds like we’re moaning about that.”

Cricket fans appeared to agree, with one person taking to social media to comment: “It’s not going to affect the outcome of the game but that’s such a poor decision.

“Took ages to give him out on field then ends up being umpires call by the smallest of margins. Very poor umpiring.”

And another added: “DRS should not be giving those out. It should be changed.

“There is doubt on both height and line. Umpires call on the corner of the stumps should be not out!”

England’s heavy defeat saw them go 2-1 down in the five-match series.