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Ex-England cricketer Chris Tremlett's remarkable transformation from skinny bowler into bodybuilder

Chris Tremlett, an ex-england cricketer, has gone through a remarkable body transformation since he retired from the game.

Tremlett, an ex-fast-medium bowler who had suffered from injuries throughout his career, decided to retire from all forms and cricket in 2015.

Chris Tremlett shows off the muscles he has on his Instagram

Tremlett, who retired from cricket in 2015 has become a keen fitness fan.

Tremlett was a much leaner cricketer.

However, at 41 years old, it would be difficult to recognize him as an ex-England cricketer.

Tremlett, who is a fitness enthusiast these days, regularly posts his transformations on Instagram.

He has almost 14,000 followers and keeps them up to date by posting regular updates about his exercise routine.

Tremlett, 6ft 7" tall, was not someone who was easy to find in a crowd. But, when he has his new mega muscle, it's easy to mistake him as a professional bodybuilder.

Tremlett was a cricketer who played at the county level for both Surrey and Hampshire.

He played 12 Tests for England between 2007 and 2013, taking 53 wickets.

He is most well-known for his heroics during the 2010-11 Ashes Series, where he was the leading wicket taker on either side.

In ODI cricket, he took 15 wickets in the same innings and 75 wickets in just 59 matches of T20 format.

He made his final England match against Australia in 2013. Many people look back on his career and wonder what could have happened if Tremlett had been stronger.

His career was plagued by injuries. Hamstring and back injuries were particularly problematic because of their repetitive nature.

Tremlett, who was a part of an incident with Jimmy Anderson in 2020, recalled that Anderson broke Tremlett's ribs before the 2010-11 Ashes series.

According to him, the Daily Mail reported that he was in a boxing match against Jimmy Anderson.

"It took 20 seconds to try and whack the s*** from the other guy, and Jimmy was hit pretty hard. He cracked one of my ribs.

"He was able quickly to come back, because it would have been disastrous if he hadn’t been able bowl in the first two Tests."