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"Surely the greatest catch ever" - Michael Vaughan leads stunned fans in tweeting shock at kung-fu's kick grab

MICHAEL VAUGHAN led astonished fans hailing the “greatest catch of all time” after a wild sequence during a match in India.

During the game – played on a half-sized pitch with a tennis ball – the batsman takes a huge sweep into the leg side.

The cricketer initially catches the ball while falling out of bounds

He then desperately threw it into the air

The cricketer subsequently booted back onto the pitch

His pal was then on hand to complete the catch

The slog appears to be flying for six, with the fielder just about taking the catch.

But as he stumbles towards the boundary, he’s forced to throw the ball in the air to prevent it from crossing the rope.

Realising he’ll never be able to jump back onto the pitch with the ball in his hands, the fielder produces a stunning piece of improvisation.

He performs a kung-fu crane kick of sorts and volleys the ball back into play.

And, fortunately for him, his team-mate was perched perfectly underneath the ball to take the catch.

Fans have gone wild for the athletic effort, with ex-England captain Michael Vaughan leading the praise.

Vaughan tweeted: “Surely the greatest catch of all time…”

And fans online agreed with him.


One wrote: “The best I’ve ever seen no doubt.”

A second gushed: “Wow, just wow!”

While a third tweeted: “Wow that’s some catch and recover!”

Another wrote: “I really want to see the full post catch celebration.”

Michael Vaughan was left in awe by the improvisation