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After play was suspended with South Africa's hosts, furious England stars shout at their hosts

CRICKET was mocked last night after bad lighting slowed England's sprint to victory with only 33 runs.

Captain Ben Stokes was left shaken by the end of the third test against South Africa. Play began at 6.35pm. Openings Zak Crawley, Alex Lees were in full flow with the floodlights on.

England was shocked when play against South Africa was stopped with only 33 runs required for a series victory

Ben Stokes and his team-mates couldn’t believe it, as they lashed out at the decision afterward

Jimmy Anderson felt more "common sense" was needed, and Stuart Broad, a fellow fast bowler, admitted that the players were "frustrated".

Michael Vaughan, former England captain, tweeted: "Cricket can be a stupid sport at time!" The common sense of common sense is always lost."

Stokes and Co's reaction to the decision of the umpires was a mixed bag. They were shaken, hands on their hips and some words. The Oval was filled with cheers and boos from the spectators.

Anderson stated, "It's clearly frustrating. We might have only needed another five to six runs, given the rate at which we were scoring.

"The guys were watching the ball well, and it would have been nice to end it with a good crowd.

"But, the umpires point out that they took a reading on Saturday which establishes the precedent for the entire game.

South Africa would not be able to win tonight if it rained all day tomorrow. However, I hope that common sense prevails every now and again.

England will likely take 30 minutes to score the 33 remaining runs to win the series, clinch it 2-1, and win six Test matches for the first summer since 2005. Tickets are available for free.

Stuart Broad said: "We are naturally disappointed and frustrated, especially since the guys were doing so well.

"Leesy hit last ball of day through covers for four, and was seeing it perfectly.

"We are disappointed that we couldn't finish it in front the crowd that has been there all day."

Mike Atherton, an ex-england captain, stated on Sky's commentary, "There's great dismay on the players' balcon and great disappointment amongst the crowd."

"I don’t believe cricket is doing itself any favors when it has to compete in such a situation with floodlights at full beam and a nearly-full house. Ben Stokes also voiced his opinion.

"The England team was looking forward to playing tonight, and maybe having a celebratory cocktail together."

Nasser Hussain, a fellow ex-skipper, said that "The people who set rules need to take a good look." Is it possible for them to think that September is going to be brighter than September? It's not.


"If you need to fill half an hour, begin half an hour earlier than adding it at the end.

"You have a full house. Cricket cannot just walk away and pick up the bails.

Marco Jansen, South African all-rounder, said: "It doesn't matter if we played another 20 minutes tonight or have a full day tomorrow.

"If the game had been more balanced, it would probably have had an even greater impact on it."

"As a player, I would have loved to continue playing. It all depends on the umpires. They make the decisions.

Broad beat Glenn McGrath, the Australian great, with 563 Test wickets. One that was not counted in review.

Dean Elgar, Proteas captain, chose not to appeal the lbw verdict but it would have missed him at the stumps.

Broad is now in the top five of the all-time Test wicket-takers' list. He said that Glenn McGrath was a hero to me and the reason why I wanted to be a bowler.

"He's a far better bowler than me, but it's amazing to be in that kind of company."