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As Shane Warne reveals his last hours, his pal says that he was 'buzzing and full-of life' hours before his death.

CRICKET legend Shane Warne was "buzzing in excitement" just hours before he died during a Thailand trip. He had also eaten a Vegemite sandwich the previous day.

After a stint as a commentator on Australian cricket, Warne's tailor stated that he was 52 years old and "full" of energy when he arrived at the villa for five days.

Shane Warne was "buzzing with excitement" before he died during a Thailand trip -- and he ate a Vegemite sandwich hours prior
Tailor Parsuram Pandey stated that Warne was "full of energy" when he arrived on holiday. He also said: "I love cricket, and Shane was my hero. It was an honor to make his suits
Warne, who was discovered collapsed in his bedroom by his business manager at 5:45pm, was declared dead at 7:15pm from a suspected heart attack.

Parsuram Panday (44), said that the leg-spinner, who called in at noon last Friday to have a suit fitted, was enjoying the prospect of relaxing on Koh Samui.

Andrew Neophitou his business manager found him in his bedroom, where he declared him dead of a heart attack.

Last night, a post mortem was performed.

For the cricketing great, a state funeral is being planned in Australia.

Parsuram stated that Shane Warne is a hero to him. It was an honor to make his suits.

"He was supposed to pick up his clothes on Saturday or Sunday, so I was shocked when I heard that he had passed away. I was devastated.

"I was stunned to discover that I had just spoken with him a few hours before.

"When he first came to the shop, he was happy, strong, and full of energy.

"He said, "Long time no hear, Parsuram" and laughed.

He said, "It's great seeing you" and he patted my back.

Parsuram suggested that Warne's suit be auctioned for charity. He added, "He was buzzing.

He said that he was ready to take a break after a long summer in Australia. He looked forward to going to the bars.

Parsuram left the shop and Warne, a smoker who took 708 wickets in over 145 Tests during 15 years, ate lunch with a friend on the island.

Tom Hall wrote, "An Australian through-and-through, this was to turn into his last meal."

Warne went for a massage at 2pm and 3pm, before returning to Australia to watch the match against Pakistan on the first day.

Yesterday, the body of the deceased was taken by ferry to Surat in southern Russia. The post mortem will determine the cause of death.

The family of Dad-of-3 Warne hopes he will soon be back.

They accepted an offer to have a state funeral at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Warne’s home ground, as it was the "most fitting" location.

Dan Andrews, Victorian Premier, stated that it would be an opportunity for Victorians "to pay tribute to him for his sport, our state and the nation."

Legend Warne won 708 wickets in the 145 Tests he played over 15 years
At the Samujana Villas, where Warne passed away
, a wreath, flowers, and beers was left.
People pay respects to the statue of cricket great Warne at the Melbourne Cricket Ground