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Asad Raf is dead at 66: Tributes to the legendary cricket umpire who suffered cardiac arrest in his home city

Former cricket umpire Asad Raf has died at the age of 66, reportedly after suffering from cardiac arrest.

His career included 64 Test matches as an ex-ICC umpire.

Asad Raf, a legendary cricket umpire, has passed away at the age of 66.

Rauf has been reported to have experienced a cardiac arrest

According to Times of India, Rauf succumbed to cardiac arrest in Lahore where he lived.

Rauf's brother reported that Rauf was not feeling well over the past few days and returned home early to run his business.

Doctors believe he suffered a cardiac arrest.

After Rauf's death, tributes poured in.

Ramiz Raja, a former Pakistani cricketer and chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board, tweeted: "Sad to hear about Asad Rauf's passing.

He was not only a great umpire, but also had a wicked sense for humor. He put a smile on mine every day and I will always remember him.

"Many condolences to his family for their loss."

Rauf was also an umpire in 39 ODIs as well as 28 T20Is during his career. He is widely believed to be a beloved figure in the game.