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Australian star David Warner's Wag reveals embarrassing search at airport after scanner detected "hot spot" on his testicles

DAVID WARNER’s partner Candice has shared an embarrassing moment at LA International Airport.

The Australian cricketer and his wife were trying to fly home after attending Miley Cyrus’ mum’s wedding to Australian actor Dominic Purcell.

Candice Warner shared an embarrassing story of how husband David was caught at airport security

David Warner has a ‘hot spot’ on his testicles

Warner starred for Australia in the Ashes earlier in the summer

Candice, 38, claims that they were stopped while going through security after Warner’s testicles showed a “hot spot” on the X-ray machine.

Warner, 36, was left in “shock” as people around the area were laughing while Candice was confused about her husband’s “hot ball”.

Speaking on Triple M’s Rush Hour with Gus, Jude and Wendell , she said: “So David went through the one first where you walk through and it started beeping.

“So they then ushered him to the full body scanner. He puts his arms up and it beeps again.

“When you walk through, there’s a big computer screen attached to it. All of a sudden, his balls lit up.

“There is a big body image of David, and like cricket, a hot spot on his balls.

“And I was in shock, the people around were laughing, David was in shock.

“I’d never seen this about my husband, I didn’t know he had hot balls.


“So the security man came up to him and said, ‘look we are going to have to sort this out’.”

“But I don’t understand what is going on downstairs and what is going on with my husband’s package.”

After being searched by security, Warner and Candice were eventually allowed to board the plane and fly home.

Triple M’s Rush Hour medical expert Dr. Sam, did speculate that the security alarms were set off by a piercing that Warner may have had.

However, Candice – who is a retired professional ironwoman – shut down that suggestion.

She laughed: “No, no, there’s no piercings.”

Warner featured for the Australian cricket team during the Ashes series in England earlier this summer.

During the Test match at Lord’s he was spotted doing Out For A Duck’s crossword book.

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