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Brave Freddie Flintoff finds new therapeutic job to help him heal after horror Top Gear crash

BRAVE Freddie Flintoff has got a therapeutic new job to help him recover after his horror Top Gear crash.

The former cricket star was spotted out and about training a Golden Retriever guide dog near his home in Manchester.

Freddie Flintoff is training a guide dog

The star was badly hurt in a horror Top Gear crash

Freddie’s canine companion

He wore a beanie hat, backpack and tinted glasses as he walked the puppy along the pavement.

There were still signs on Freddie’s face of the horror injuries he suffered after narrowly surviving a 130mph Top Gear smash.

Flintoff, 45, suffered facial injuries and broken ribs in the 130mph crash in an open-topped three-wheel Morgan Super 3, but has since returned to public life.

Speaking on TalkSport, his former England teammate Steve Harmison said: “Believe it or not, he was training a guide dog.

“Which I’m sure is going better now than it was, because he tripped over about three times on his way around the field.”

It comes after former F1 driver and Top Gear Stig Perry McCarthy slammed the BBC’s handling of the crash.

Speaking on GB News, he said: “There’ve been a number of adventures and accidents across the show’s history.

“Their health and safety procedures have come up.

“I know what I’m doing a little bit so I could take care of myself. I kind of find it pretty bizarre really.

“You know, first off we all wish Freddie well, and judging by the pictures you can only imagine he went through an awful lot of pain.

“So yeah, hats off to Freddie and his enthusiasm and his character and he’s one of the people that’s really made Top Gear come back to be in a great show.

“But temper enthusiasm, it’s got to be tempered sometimes.”

McCarthy added: “Freddie’s background is a sportsman, he’s highly competitive, but it is not driving.

“And sometimes I feel that maybe there’s a bit of a need to contain the enthusiasm to protect enthusiastic and talented drivers like Freddie or talented personalities like Freddie from themselves.

“So everything’s conjecture at the moment. And that’s what I’m critical of is why don’t we know exactly what has happened?”

Out For A Duck understands that an “independent third party” is reviewing the crash.

Insiders said it is the “perfect time” for Freddie to make a cricketing come back.

Former England teammate Steve Harmison said that Freddie is in “good form” following his recovery.

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