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Cricket legend warns that Rohit Sharma is hanging by a thin thread and India will have another disastrous World Cup.

ROHIT Sharma is hanging on by a thread while things are set to go wrong again for India at the World Cup, a cricket legend has warned.

Greg Blewett revealed that he does not consider Sharma to be the best person to captain India’s cricket team.

Rohit Sharma is ‘hanging on by a thread’ according to Greg Blewett

The former Australian opener said he does not consider Sharma the best candidate for the role of India’s captain

Speaking on the WillowTalk Podcast, the former Australia opener said he was shocked that Sharma was not removed from his leadership role following the disappointing performances in recent tournaments.

According to Blewett, Rohit is not the right candidate to lead India in the Cricket World Cup – and the fact that he is, means India’s chances of winning don’t look bright.

“I am worried about India’s ODI captain. I really am,” Blewett said.

“Rohit Sharma is just clinging on, and I would have thought that India might have made a move by now on the one-day leadership.

“I just can see it going wrong again for India. They always get to these World Cups and they just don’t get it done and I’m just not sure that Rohit is getting it done for them,” the former batter, who played 46 Tests and 32 ODIs for Australia between 1995 and 2000, explained.

When quizzed on who could potentially replace Rohit as India’s captain, the cricketer said KL Rahul had been struggling to make it to the Test team, while Rishabh Pant is currently out injured.

With no solution in sight, many speculate that Kohli, the man who Rohit succeeded, could be the next captain.

However, the fact that Kohli did not resume the captaincy when Rohit was unavailable – during the fifth rescheduled Test between India and England last year – may suggest that Kohli has moved on from that role.

Blewett said he has lost confidence in Rohit’s batting to such an extent that he believes his presence in India’s Playing XI is due to his role as captain.

“Virat as leader? I think he is done and I don’t know whether you can go back to him now. I don’t know, I just see that Rohit is just hanging by a thread. He is getting a game at the moment because he is captain. And I don’t know whether that’s the right way to go,” added Blewett.

It comes as todays match between India and Pakistan was called off due to heavy rainfall.

The game is set to resume on Monday from 10:30am.

The Asia Cup, which is being hosted by PCB, is being held in a “Hybrid Model” with India playing all their matches in Sri Lanka after refusing to travel to Pakistan.

With heavy rains predicted in Colombo through the week, there were talks of shifting the remaining matches to Hambantota but the Asian Cricket Council has stuck to its original itinerary.

Blewett said he has lost confidence in Rohit’s batting