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Cricket World Cup fans mock ‘most awkward trophy presentation of all time’ as Aussie captain Pat Cummins looks lost

PAT CUMMINS was left looking lost on stage during the Cricket World Cup trophy presentation.

The Australia captain was handed the trophy after his side beat hosts India by six wickets in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

Pat Cummins was left looking lost during the Cricket World Cup trophy presentation

However, fans could not help but notice how awkward the presentation was.

Cummins appeared on stage by himself as he was handed the trophy by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Australian deputy prime minister Richard Marles.

After the presentation, though, the two politicians left the stage to shake the hands of the remaining Australian players.

This left Cummins stood alone on the podium as fireworks were set off around him.

He let out an awkward smile as he looked around before being joined by his team-mates once they had all received their medals.

Reacting to the incident on social media, one fan wrote: “The most awkward championship trophy presentation in sports history.”

Another added: “Why is Pat Cummins stood all by himself with the trophy and all the fireworks are going off?? Isn’t he supposed to be with all his teammates?”

A third fan also commented: “Hahaha most awkward trophy presentation of all-time.”


Fans spotted the awkwardness of the situation

Meanwhile, one more was sympathetic as they said: “Feel so sorry for Cummins there.”

Travis Head’s 137 runs off 120 balls inspired Australia to victory in the final as they claimed their sixth Cricket World Cup.

Speaking after the match, Cummins admitted: “We saved our best for last,” as Australia capped a fine 2023.

Cummins also captained his country to a World Test Championship triumph before retaining the Ashes against England.