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England cricketer Sam Billings warns cricketers about his secret cancer battle

ENGLAND star Sam Billings has revealed he had two operations to remove skin cancer last year.

The Kent wicketkeeper, 31, admitted the shock discovery of a melanoma during a routine screening organised by his county was a “reality check”.

England star Sam Billings has warned fellow cricketers to slap on the suncream after undergoing two operations to remove skin cancer from his chest

And he is warning fellow cricketers to beware of the dangers of continued exposure to the sun.

Billings confirmed on Instagram: “Last October I had two operations to remove skin cancer off my chest.

“It put cricket on the back burner for a little while and into perspective.

“We all are pretty blase when it comes to putting suncream on, but it really has to change.

“As cricketers we’re exposed to the sun so much and we can all be more diligent.”

England ace Billings took part in a skin cancer screening session organised by Kent at the end of last summer.

A mole was removed for further tests which confirmed a melanoma.

Another procedure was scheduled to remove an area around where the mole had been.

Billings is backing a Professional Cricketers’ Association campaign raise awareness.

He warned: “Cases have doubled over the last 20 years and will continue to double again over the next 20 years.”