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Fans spot a major mistake on the post of Asia Cup presenter Zainab Abbas in pink with cricket star Rashid Khan

ASIA Cup host Zainab Abbas has continued to wow fans throughout her coverage of the cricket event – but fans noticed something awry in her latest Instagram post.

Sharing a snap on Instagram taken with Afghanistan Cricket team captain Rashid Khan, Zainab wowed in a hot pink button up blouse.

Zainab and Rashid were pictured together at the event

The sweet Instagram post she shared had a tiny mistake in it

She captioned it: “Another work day but this time in Lahore! Always a laugh when Rashid Khan is around.”

Zainab shared a second snap of Khan with her son: “Guest appearance by my little T who seems to have befriended him rather quickly.”

But an eagle-eyed fan was quick to notice that Zainab made a mistake in the post, and tagged an account pretending to be the Afghan cricketer.

One fan commented: “You tagged the wrong account!”

Another said: “Why a fake Rashid account mentioned?”

The cricket presenter was quick to remedy her mistake after it was pointed out, and went on to tag the correct Rashid Khan.

Other fans overlooked Zainab’s minor mistake, and opted to compliment her fashion sense instead.

An adoring fan commented: “Cuteness overload. So beautiful, Zainab.”

Another said: “Your son is so cute, Mashallah!”

Zainab cheekily replied: “… but not innocent. He’s a handful!”

Yesterday, fans went wild over Zainab’s chic on-pitch outfit, as she revealed why she would never marry a cricketer.

The sports presenter wore a chic blue dress with short sleeves and a collared v-shaped neck for the beginning of the Pakistan vs Nepal match.

Zainab is the daughter of former national cricketer Nasir Abbas and Pakistani politician Andleeb Abbas.

The popular commentator married Hamza Kardar, and the two welcomed their first son, Taimur Hamza Kardar, two years into their marriage.

The presenter was joined at the Multan Cricket Stadium on Wednesday by former Zimbabwe captain and respected coach Andy Flower and legendary former Pakistan captain and fast bowler Waqar Younis.

Tomorrow, Pakistan and India are set to play against each other, followed by Bangladesh and Afghanistan taking the pitch on Sunday.

Zainab is presenting alongside coach Andy Flower and former player Waqar Younis

The fashion-savvy sports presenter made an honest mistake in her Instagram post