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Shane Warne, cricket legend, is slammed by his daughter for 'Warnie' TV mini-series. She claims it's 'beyond disrespectful.

Brooke, SHANE WARNE’S eldest child, has canceled plans for a mini-series on her father's life that would air on TV.

Australian cricket legend, who would have been 53 years old on Tuesday, has died on March 4, this year.

Channel 9 has revealed plans for a biopic called "Warnie".

Brooke Warne (25), is against Channel 9's plans

Yesterday, Channel 9 in Australia announced that they will air a biopic of Warne's life as a two-part series.

Brooke has not been happy with the news.

The 25-year old took to Instagram to criticize the plans of the network.

She wrote, "Do you all have respect for Dad?" Or his family?

"Who did so many things for Channel 9 and now you want dramatise his (sic) and our families' lives 6 months after he died?

"You are beyond disrespectful."

The casting for "Warnie," is still to be announced.

Screentime and VicScreen will produce the mini-series.

Channel 9 responded to criticisms by telling The Guardian that "Our Warnie mini-series will be a celebration the life of an exceptional Australian man - a man who lived large and loved deeply."

"We have immense respect for Shane's achievements and we hope that all Australians, including Warnie, will feel that the program honours his legacy."

Brooke wrote to her father on what would have been his birthday: "Today will always Be Your Day."

Summer, Summer's younger sister, posted: "Thanks for the 20-years of memories we shared." They will be cherished forever."

Summer Warne, a tribute to her father, posted an Instagram post in his honor.