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Shane Warne documentary: How can you stream and watch free on Amazon Prime

SHANE WARNE, 52, has died in his villa in Thailand.

It was discovered that the cricket legend from Australia had suffered a heart attack.

Amazon Prime recently released a documentary about Shane Warne

He took 708 Test wickets during his remarkable career - a record that was held until 2007 by Muttiah Muralitharan.

In the weeks leading up to his sudden death, a documentary about the life of the leg-spinner was made.

What is the Shane Warne documentary's feature?

This documentary focuses on Shane Warne's climb to the top of cricket.

The programme, which lasts 90 minutes, also examines his family and relationship with Liz Hurley (model and ex-fiancee).

It includes a list of players who played against and with the Aussie as well as admirers like Ed Sheeran.

How can I view the Shane Warne documentary.

Amazon Prime now has the Shane Warne documentary.

If you own a Smart TV, you can either watch Amazon Prime online or download the video directly to your TV.

Amazon Prime can be bought for just PS7.99

Can I view the Shane Warne documentary free of charge?

Yes. Amazon Prime is available for 30-days free to first-time subscribers.

If you cancel before the expiry of your trial period, this will be converted to a regular PS7.99/month subscriber.