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Shane Warne's son, who is heartbroken, 'expects him at the door'. His family is 'broken' by the sudden death of icon

Shane Warne's son, a cricket legend in Australia, still "expects" that his "heartbroken" son will "walk in the door".

James Erskine, Warne's longtime manager, says that the entire family is devastated after the death of the icon due to a heart attack.

Warne and Jackson, who are coming to terms with the death of their legend father

James Erskine stated that the children are having a'much harder time than anyone really'

Brooke and Jackson's father, a loving dad when they were young

Long-time manager Warne said that Simone, his ex-wife, is'really upset.

Erskine stated that Warne's exwife Simone, along with their three children Brooke, Brooke, and Summer, were still struggling to accept the loss.

Weekend Today spoke with Erskine, who said that the children were in shock. I spoke with them yesterday and again.

Jackson said that he expected him to enter the door. This is like a bad nightmare.

Simone was upset when I spoke to her. Keith, Shane’s father, is a strong person, but he's just broken like everyone else. They are shocked at what has happened.

"I believe that's what happens when there's a sudden death, and you don't expect it.

"One minute, the kids are talking with him every day, and the next they can't talk. Then they think about how he won't be there for my 21st. He's not going down the aisle.

All of these things are going through your head. They have a harder time than anyone else.

As Warne's friends shouted, "Come on Shane!" Paramedics told of how they tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

They reacted to Elizabeth Hurley's tribute, who remembered her "Lionheart", ex-fiance.

The actress was in a three-year relationship with 52-year-old cricket star until their split in 2013.

Simone Warne had three children with Simone - Jackson Brooke, Brooke, and Summer

Liz Hurley paid tribute to Shane Warne

The actress shared heartfelt photos of the couple

Liz broke her silence in tribute to Warne. He was at a villa in Thailand with friends when he was unresponsive Friday.

She stated, "I feel as if the sun has disappeared behind a cloud for good." My beloved Lionheart, RIP."

It is...

  • Elizabeth Hurley broke her silence about her "Lionheart") ex-fiance
  • Piers Morgan paid tribute to Shane Warne and described him as "uniquely ferocious, mischievous".
  • Following the shocking news, Gary Lineker called Warne the "greatest bowler of all times".
  • Warne's final tweet was a poignant tribute to Rod Marsh, a fellow cricket legend who also died from a heart attack.
  • His friends tried to rescue him but he was unresponsive.
  • Warne posted a sad Instagram final post from the villa.

As Liz broke her silence today on Instagram, Liz shared seven sweet snaps with the cricketer.

After being photographed kissing outside of a London hotel, the couple made their relationship public in 2010.

Warne and Warne later moved into their Brighton home, where they announced their engagement.

They split in 2013, and the cricket ace revealed that the spark had "fizzled".

He described feeling "quite sad" that the show was over and expressed deep concern for the actress.

Warne said, "I didn’t introduce her to mine until it was actual and I believed it had an future. It wasn't just fun.

Live updates from Shane Warne's death can be found on our Shane Warne Blog

After Warne's cheating allegations had been substantiated for years, Simone Callahan, Warne’s wife, ended their relationship in 2005.

New claims that Warne was pursuing three women other than Simone after Simone arrived in England at the same time as the Ashes series was about begin were the final straw.

Brooke, 24; Jackson, 22; Summer, 20.


The Thai police confirmed that they have ruled all suspicious circumstances out following Warne’s death.

James Erskine, his manager, shed light on the final moments of Shane Warne's life in a Fox Sport special, Remembering Shane Warne.

He claimed that the group was due to meet for drinks at 5pm. However, Andrew Neophitou, a pal of his, knocked on Andrew's door and realized "something was wrong".

James said, "He went into there and said, 'come on. You're going to miss your flight'. Then he realized something was wrong.

"And he turned the patient over, giving him CPR and mouth-to-mouth for about 20 minutes. The ambulance arrived.

"They took him to hospital, which was approximately a 20-minute drive. I received a call 45 minutes later confirming that he had been declared dead."

Warne had watched the Australian Test cricketers play against Pakistan from his bedroom, before the tragedy struck.


He arrived in the country with his friends on Thursday for a holiday.

James explained that Warne had "not been drinking" and was "having an argument" when he was found with no heartbeat.

He added: "He doesn't drink, never took drugs, ever. He was averse to drugs and would do anything for them.

He was going to do what he enjoys. He wanted to be with his children, play in a few poker tournaments, and play a lot more golf.

Damian Hurley also posted a tribute for Shane Warne

Following Warne's passing, Damien stated that he was still trying to understand the situation.

After Australian officials arrived on Koh Samui, they made these comments to start the repatriation process for the body of the cricketer back to Melbourne.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, confirmed that Warne's relatives were offered a state funeral.

According to Thai police, today's statement was that "no foul play was suspected at this scene based upon our investigation."

After yesterday's heartbreaking announcement, tributes pour in for the cricketing legend.

Piers Morgan called his friend "uniquely ferocious and mischievous" when he wrote a column for SE.


He said, "I am absolutely devastated that he has gone so quickly and will miss him immensely."

"But I enjoyed every minute of his exhilarating and unpredictable company. And how many people can you say that?"

Gary Lineker tweeted: "Terribly shocked and saddened to hear the news Shane Warne had died.

"The greatest spin bowler ever. Can't quite believe it. RIP Shane.

Monty Panesar, England's cricketing hero, said TalkRadio that it was "absolutely devastating" and that the cricketing community would be shocked.

He called Warne one of the "legends" of the game - "on and offline, what he did to cricket was incredible."

Monty continued: "It is absolutely shocking. It's unbelievable that I am even able to talk to you about it.

Liz stated that she felt like the sun was hidden behind a cloud for all eternity.

This touching photo was shared by her from their time together

Warne was called her 'Lionheart' by the actress

They dated for three consecutive years
A romance with Hollywood star Liz Hurley ended in heartbreak
Warne revealed later that he was "more in Love... than I thought I could be"

A suspected heart attack in Thailand caused the death of the cricket legend.