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Virat Kohli fan girl chooses India cricketer Virat Kohli over Pakistan captain

A VIDEO capturing the sweet moment a cricket fangirl gushed over popular batsman Virat Kohli has gone viral on social media.

The fan, who had the Pakistan flag painted on her right cheek and the Indian flag on her left, was stopped by a videographer who asked her which team she supported.

A videographer stopped the fan, who had the flags of both Pakistan and India painted on her cheeks, and asked her who she supported

The fan said India’s Virat Kohli was her favourite player.

Weighing up whether she preferred India’s star batter Kohli to her own country’s captain Babar Azam, the young woman said: “Virat Kohli is my favourite player.

She quickly added: “I am supporting Pakistan also.”

In Hindi, she asked the videographer: “Loving your neighbour is not a bad thing, is it?”

The video, shared on X/Twitter by @SillyMessiKohli, has been viewed more than 2.4 million times and received more than 16,500 likes, as commenters consider their own opinions on the rivalry.

One user wrote: “Kohli is a great batsman. Babar is a great batsman. We are fortunate to see them play.”

Someone else said the fan was “absolutely right”.

They wrote: “We are as a nation loves the sports. Virat kohli is currently best player in world.

“Nobody in Pakistan minds to show love and affection for greats of Sachin, Kohli, Smith, Williamson or any great players in the world of sports.”

Another said: “If you love sports and sportsmen, political boundaries are meaningless.”

Many praised the woman for her bravery and choice of “very innocent and non-political” words.

One person wrote: “Love knows no boundaries, not even cricket rivalries!

“This girl knows how to stay loyal to her favorite player, no matter what. Cheers to her for being strong & true!”

Some viewers of the video claimed they recognised the young woman as a TikTok creator from Pakistan.

The video came to light after Saturday’s much-anticipated Asia Cup match between arch-rivals had to be abandoned due to poor weather conditions in Pallekele.

Pakistan bowled out India for 266 but was unable to start its chase as rain kept the players off the ground.

The match ended with no result and each team gained a point.

Kohli is widely considered one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket