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Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath fights SNAKE invasion at his home

THIS is the terrifying moment Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath battled a snake invasion in his home.

The Aussie bowler left fans stunned as he was filmed removing the three huge reptiles while wearing flip-flops.

Glenn McGrath posted a video of him removing a python from his home using his bare hands

Fans were left stunned at his skills as he carried out the removal in flip-flops

There were a total of three carpet pythons in McGrath’s home

A trio of coastal carpet pythons managed to slither into McGrath’s family home before he spotted them sprawled across his floor.

The Aussie bowling legend then took matters into his own hands as he picked up a mop and got to removing the three snakes.

Posting a video to Instagram of his calm and collected removal of one of the critters, the 53-year-old said: “After plenty of encouragement & support from @saraleonmcgrath all 3 Coastal Carpet Pythons that were in the house were safely released back into the bush.

He teamed his message with the hashtags #carpetpython, #snakecatcher and #notthebestfootwear.

In the shocking footage, McGrath’s wife Sara can be heard screaming and panicking – all while her brave husband removed the reptiles in a cool manner.

“That one’s agro, that one is agro!” she yelled in the video as McGrath bent down to grab the snake’s tail.

“I don’t want to be videoing this. You’re going to get bit, you’re going to get bit!

“Stop, stop, stop, stop,” she added.

The Aussie cricketer firmly grabbed the python’s tail with one hand, and its head with a mop before assuring his horrified family that “he’s fine”.

But Sara was left less than convinced as her husband continued with his wild removal methods.

“He’s not fine! He does not look fine!” she said as he walked the snake out.

“I’m not going out with you — good luck.”

The post made its rounds on social media, and fans were left impressed with McGrath’s skill.

“Keeping a good line and length between self and snake! Good work!” one person wrote.

McGrath’s former fast-bowling partner Brett Lee also commented: “Yes Pidge,” alongside a clapping and snake emoji.

The legendary Aussie bowler was part of Australia’s World Cup-winning side in England over 20 years ago.

He remains one of the most successful fast bowlers in the history of international cricket, with 563 wickets from his 124 Test appearances.

McGrath is one of the most successful fast bowlers in the history of international cricket