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BBC pundit, ex-England Cricketer's Retirement Party Backfires After Prank Leaves Her With Huge Bumps on Her Face

ALEX HARTLEY was out legs before wicket at her retirement party – when a prank involving an octopus backfired bruisingly.

The BBC pundit and ex-England cricketer, 29, blames herself for “two massive bruises on my forehead” as she celebrated on a night out.

Popular presenter Alex Hartley thought nothing could go wrong from a cuddly jape with an octopus as she celebrated retiring from playing

Alex reveals her unexpected injuries following her party

The ex-spinner played ODI and T20 cricket for England from 2016-2019

Alex was suckered by her own stunt as she was pictured grinning with her eyes shut in the back of a bus – while a fluffy octopus sat round her neck.

The former spinner – a hero of England’s 2017 women’s World Cup glory – explained how she made a right tentacle out of herself.

The one-day star told BBC Sport: “I stuck two octopuses to my head. Pretending it was my hair, I was flicking it around.

“They were on there for about 20 minutes..

And as another photo showed two purple bumps on her head, Alex added: “Then I looked like that. I’ve got two massive bruises on my forehead.”

But although Alex’s octopus antics cost her a double dent on her head, they left her squids in with fans.

One posted: “Bet she’s a right laugh on a night out.”

Another urged: “Please don’t change. You have such a great vibe.”


“Love this,” said a third, and “You made me smile so it was worth it,” claimed a fourth.

Her jape also proved to be a potential hit for sea-life sales as one observer revealed: “I want to buy an octopus now.”

But another fan warned: “Always be mindful of a sticky wicket, when the octopus is in play.”

Hartley had earlier announced she was quitting playing on the BBC’s No Balls Podcast, which she hosts with England fast bowler Kate Cross.

Having already decided to focus on her mental health, she said of her retirement “I can’t believe it – I feel so good.

“I’m going to really miss it, I’m going to be really sad but it’s so right.

“I’ve loved it, I’ve hated it, but I am really proud of what I’ve achieved. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted to do.”

The pundit says she ‘covered it well’ as she hid her bruising following her unorthodox octopus encounter

The spinner was a star of England’s 2017 World Cup final win vs India

Hartley quit playing cricket this month after featuring for Welsh Fire in The Hundred, including here at Headingley vs Northern Superchargers